Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I wish these things just happened to me

I love blogs, I really do. If they are someone awesome's. (does that make sense? probably not) I just can't get used to writing in them, and each time I do, it's always has to be self-referential.

I want to have stuff that happens to me just appear on this webpage, without the additional steps of having me have to remember it later and typing it out.

At least I have animal updates, which is something that has been consistent so far.

1) The glueys (guppy babies) are almost 1 inch long now and they have interesting yellow and black tails, except for one which is albino. However, to my great dismay, I found three of them missing pieces of tail, just like their late mother, Karen. I am disturbed and upset. I have invested too much emotion into my fry, watching them grow from nothings into the upstanding young fish they are today. They are funny when they get fish food flakes that are too big stuck to the tops of their heads. I don't want them to die!

2) The snails are taking over. Norman S. Botia doesn't seem to be consuming them, and they are multiplying at a startling rate. If anyone is interested in some aquatic snails, I have plenty. They have translucent shells and their mouths (yes! you heard right! snail-mouth!) are interesting to watch when they scrape along the glass.

Okay, so.. facebook. This goes with the whole blog thing, sort of. Except it's the easy way. I still never really post anything. But I am looking at applications, and I have so many mixed feelings. One thing I must mention is the Compare People app. I just tried it today. I can't say I don't abhor the idea of it, and I can't say I don't take some measure of pleasure in it. It's my new vice in lieu of the reality tv everyone else seems to like.

I am so impressed with the writers' strike. This isn't referring to what they are doing or trying to achieve or whatever. Just the sheer scale and importance of it. I thought an entertainment machine such as Hollywood could never be affected thusly by the feeble attempts of mere humans. I do hope it ends soon and that the writers get their royalties from the internet, but that's a whole 'nother point.

If you haven't already, read Sean's blog post about whales. That stuff rocks. Beavers are amazing. Their lodges are mysterious secrets, but I have been researching and what comes up is simply miraculous to me. I am thinking about changing my major to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Too bad it involves ecology.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Writing in a Blog Seems so Self-Absorbed.

Everyone is pressuring me to update my blog, and I love reading other people's awesome so it seems like a good idea. But it just feels so retarded. I what am I supposed to write about, exactly? Everything? That is boring and narcissistic. (I am ashamed, and yet slightly pleased with myself, because when I couldn't exactly remember how to spell that, I thought about how Narcissa Malfoy's name was spelled and figured it out. God, that would be so embarassing if I wrote this and it was still wrong. I'd best check. Okay, I'm good.

Anyways, bah, I guess I should do an animal update.

I have two chinchillas now. The second one is named Matthew L. Linzmeier Shumacher. They are an Sean's house, and I miss them. I also miss Harvey.

However, I do have some fishies to keep me company. I had a male endler (wild guppy) named Clark and then I got a gorgeous female guppy named Karen, and unfortunately, Clark couldn't get enough of her and now they are both dead. That's what happens when you impose your unwanted interests for too long, kids.

I found Karen's white, bloated body days later under some rocks. It fell apart slightly when I took it out.

On the bright side! Karen did leave behind some lovely presents, because she had been pregnant (which is probably why she thwarted poor Clark's eager advances). 4 out of 6 of the fry have survived, which is impressive, and my other fish (Janet Barb and Stephen "Steve" Barb) have left them alone. The fry are named Gluey, Glooey, Glouis, and Albino Glouise. They are very nice.

I have a multitude of snails in there also, so Sean graciously got me a skunk loach to eat them all. His name is Norman S. Botia. He eats snails by flipping them and then sucking their tasty meats out of their shell. Mmm!

The way the "Save Now" button keeps growing as I type is seriously disturbing.

I can never block people on AIM. My curiosity always gets the best of me. And those people (read person) who I would block always has a new screen name, though I can always tell it is him, because of the shoddy grammar.

Angry Beavers was a sweet show. Not because of the content, but because of the intro. The actual show was okay. But the intro was catchy as hell. CatDog sucked. There can never be any arguing on this point.

Edit: That reminds me! I sawwww a beaver. A real one. In a real river. A BEAVER!

Friday, September 7, 2007

I. Animal Updates
I have a chinchilla now, and his name is Duncan Shoemaker/Shumacher/Shoomackr/etc. Sean gave him to me for my birthday, which was actually exactly a month ago, so this is a late update.

I pet a lot of kitties yesterday. Long Beach is full of kitties and they are mostly nice.

Also, Sean's fish died last night and I was sad even though it was a fish, and not even the first one that died. It was dying for too long, all at the bottom and full of parasites, lying sideways. Poor little gourami. His name was Ponce and Sean flushed him down the toilet.

II. My friends are leaving meeeee
First Susan, now the twins. Mia and Elissa are leaving foreeverrrrrrrr tomorrow morning. They say they will visit and whether or not it is true, it won't be the same. Maybe I should kidnap one or two. And then Tania is going to London and I am not. This is also on the last week of summer, and I won't have anything to do in Irvine, bah.

Bah. I really never had anything to say.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Minutes here, minutes there, minutes in one's derriere!

I. Roman Numeral I: Minutes are the Way to Do it.
So, I've decided that since I am going to possibly have to write the minutes for next year's BASSy adventures, it would be my duty to attempt to copy Susan in as many ways as possible. Clearly, one of the sources of Susan's glory is the minutification of ordinary meeting and life events to make them more appealing to a wide audience. I will bless this blog - temporarily, as a test trial- with such a format.

II. The Status of Kittens in my Life.
I have experienced many animals today because I "volunteered" at a vet clinic, meaning that I sat there and watched and got to wash some dishes at one point. The highlight of my actual volunteering experience was when a vet tech brought in two infected, dehydrated kittens and offhandedly offered one to me to hold. I cradled the tiny black ball of adorableness with awe and care and rectal rods were inserted into its anus.

Also, I got bitten! This is very exciting because now I feel like a true animal worker. The aggressor was a delightful, semi-long hair, tan beautiful young man. He was sweet and purry and cuddly up until he destroyed my wrist, and then, acting as though the two bloody gashes in my flesh had nothing to do with him, he pressed his wet nose against my palm once again.

III. I suppose puppies are pretty okay too.

IV. I guess my life is uninteresting enough to even be boring in minutes format, because I have nothing else to say. I might start growing some plants. Maybe some basil.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hello there, world of friends.

I have a blog now, just like any self-respecting internet citizen. I actually only made it because I felt like leaving a more dignified comment on Susan's blog with a Real Screenname. Perhaps I will post things though. Maybe I will even post real content.