Monday, July 16, 2007

Minutes here, minutes there, minutes in one's derriere!

I. Roman Numeral I: Minutes are the Way to Do it.
So, I've decided that since I am going to possibly have to write the minutes for next year's BASSy adventures, it would be my duty to attempt to copy Susan in as many ways as possible. Clearly, one of the sources of Susan's glory is the minutification of ordinary meeting and life events to make them more appealing to a wide audience. I will bless this blog - temporarily, as a test trial- with such a format.

II. The Status of Kittens in my Life.
I have experienced many animals today because I "volunteered" at a vet clinic, meaning that I sat there and watched and got to wash some dishes at one point. The highlight of my actual volunteering experience was when a vet tech brought in two infected, dehydrated kittens and offhandedly offered one to me to hold. I cradled the tiny black ball of adorableness with awe and care and rectal rods were inserted into its anus.

Also, I got bitten! This is very exciting because now I feel like a true animal worker. The aggressor was a delightful, semi-long hair, tan beautiful young man. He was sweet and purry and cuddly up until he destroyed my wrist, and then, acting as though the two bloody gashes in my flesh had nothing to do with him, he pressed his wet nose against my palm once again.

III. I suppose puppies are pretty okay too.

IV. I guess my life is uninteresting enough to even be boring in minutes format, because I have nothing else to say. I might start growing some plants. Maybe some basil.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hello there, world of friends.

I have a blog now, just like any self-respecting internet citizen. I actually only made it because I felt like leaving a more dignified comment on Susan's blog with a Real Screenname. Perhaps I will post things though. Maybe I will even post real content.