Friday, September 7, 2007

I. Animal Updates
I have a chinchilla now, and his name is Duncan Shoemaker/Shumacher/Shoomackr/etc. Sean gave him to me for my birthday, which was actually exactly a month ago, so this is a late update.

I pet a lot of kitties yesterday. Long Beach is full of kitties and they are mostly nice.

Also, Sean's fish died last night and I was sad even though it was a fish, and not even the first one that died. It was dying for too long, all at the bottom and full of parasites, lying sideways. Poor little gourami. His name was Ponce and Sean flushed him down the toilet.

II. My friends are leaving meeeee
First Susan, now the twins. Mia and Elissa are leaving foreeverrrrrrrr tomorrow morning. They say they will visit and whether or not it is true, it won't be the same. Maybe I should kidnap one or two. And then Tania is going to London and I am not. This is also on the last week of summer, and I won't have anything to do in Irvine, bah.

Bah. I really never had anything to say.


Roy said...

Why did the fish die?

Sean said...

poor ponce...