Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Writing in a Blog Seems so Self-Absorbed.

Everyone is pressuring me to update my blog, and I love reading other people's awesome so it seems like a good idea. But it just feels so retarded. I what am I supposed to write about, exactly? Everything? That is boring and narcissistic. (I am ashamed, and yet slightly pleased with myself, because when I couldn't exactly remember how to spell that, I thought about how Narcissa Malfoy's name was spelled and figured it out. God, that would be so embarassing if I wrote this and it was still wrong. I'd best check. Okay, I'm good.

Anyways, bah, I guess I should do an animal update.

I have two chinchillas now. The second one is named Matthew L. Linzmeier Shumacher. They are an Sean's house, and I miss them. I also miss Harvey.

However, I do have some fishies to keep me company. I had a male endler (wild guppy) named Clark and then I got a gorgeous female guppy named Karen, and unfortunately, Clark couldn't get enough of her and now they are both dead. That's what happens when you impose your unwanted interests for too long, kids.

I found Karen's white, bloated body days later under some rocks. It fell apart slightly when I took it out.

On the bright side! Karen did leave behind some lovely presents, because she had been pregnant (which is probably why she thwarted poor Clark's eager advances). 4 out of 6 of the fry have survived, which is impressive, and my other fish (Janet Barb and Stephen "Steve" Barb) have left them alone. The fry are named Gluey, Glooey, Glouis, and Albino Glouise. They are very nice.

I have a multitude of snails in there also, so Sean graciously got me a skunk loach to eat them all. His name is Norman S. Botia. He eats snails by flipping them and then sucking their tasty meats out of their shell. Mmm!

The way the "Save Now" button keeps growing as I type is seriously disturbing.

I can never block people on AIM. My curiosity always gets the best of me. And those people (read person) who I would block always has a new screen name, though I can always tell it is him, because of the shoddy grammar.

Angry Beavers was a sweet show. Not because of the content, but because of the intro. The actual show was okay. But the intro was catchy as hell. CatDog sucked. There can never be any arguing on this point.

Edit: That reminds me! I sawwww a beaver. A real one. In a real river. A BEAVER!


Joe Creason said...

Angry Beavers did have an awesome theme song, that is agreeable by all, but I also believe the shows' content was great as well! They always watched really bad horror movies and they had the coolest house ever. This is more in the vain of my love of cartoons and drawing or any media oriented composition, but the animation was also quite well done if I remember correctly.

I also thought catdog was pure crap, it is one of many Nicktoons that I hated but always seemed like they kept those shows on the air and not the ones I liked.

I'm adding you as a friend-link from my blog dealie btw.

Joe Creason

Anna the Gleeb said...

Well, I do recall some awesomeness in the show, but it was long ago, so I don't have as clear of a recollection. Except how they once ate a wooden leg. And they are those cheese logs and their dam was sweet. but the theme!

The trend did go towards more retarded shows. I think because shows used to have more layers (what the writers thought was funny) and then it started playing to really really lame kid humor with nothing for the kids to expaanndd with. Or something.

I didnt know you can friend people here. I should try it.

Joe Creason said...

not so much friend-ing as it's I made a link to your blog from mine.

Roy said...

You have an aim stalker?
Lol, the tagline of my blog says it all "Having a blog is kinda narcissistic."

Good job. Post more.
Over and out.

Sean said...


Roy said...

God, when will you update your blog?

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